How do I sign-up for B-Wards?

Signing up is very easy! Just download the app here Google Play, App store, once done, register with your valid mobile number and Email.

What are Crypts?

Crypts are points customers earn when making qualifying purchases online at or through our BMore’s retail and affiliate shops. Crypts are as good as cash and can be used as payment when making purchases.

1 Crypt is equivalent to 1 USD or 4 AED

How do I earn Crypts?

To earn Crypts at our retail shops, present your virtual B-Wards Card (found in your B-Wards App) to our retail staff for scanning before payment. Alternatively, you can also give your registered B-Wards mobile number or email.

To earn Crypts when placing the order online, make sure that you are logged in to your Maison-B-More account. Entered mobile number and email should also be matching with the same details found in the B-Wards App. Pending Crypts for placing the order online will reflect on the B-Wards app after 10 calendar days.

You also earn by: Earn 1 % Crypt from the total amount spent on (tax and shipping excluded) or in our BMore’s retail and affiliate shops in the United Arab Emirates.
(1 % earned for USD purchases online and 0.25% for AED purchases in shop.)

How can I use my Crypts?

Through our website

In case there is remaining balance in the Gift Card, the same can be re-used in succeeding online purchases. The validity remains as per the remaining period of the Gift Card.

Through our BMore’s retail and affiliate shops

Redeeming Gift Cards on our BMore’s retail and affiliate shops

List of our BMore’s retail and affiliate shops:

Can I Share my Crypts?

Definitely, Crypts can be converted as Gift Cards and can be shared or transferred to anyone.
NOTE: Crypts are as good as cash, please be responsible when sharing it with someone.

How long are my Crypts valid?

Your Crypts will expire after 12 months from the earned date.

Previous “Points” that were converted into Crypts for 2017 BaskinPlus customers will have an expiration timeline starting from January 1, 2020 till December 31, 2020.

How can I check my Crypts balance?

  1. Log in to your B-Wards App.
  2. Crypts will be displayed right below the virtual B-Wards card.
NOTE: Crypts earned after purchase cannot be used right away and will be tagged as “Pending Crypts” for 10 calendar days. On the 11th day, these pending Crypts will be added to your regular Crypts balance and will be available for use.